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I want a toyboy fuck toy

Hi there guys I’m Jackie I’m a 48 year old bored housewife who’s been in a dead end sexless marriage for the last 6 years everything was great in the beginning but I soon got bored of the same sex routine and what with my husband not being very adventurous in the bedroom I began to become how shall I say this.. Sexually frustrated! I thought I was the only woman in Britain to not be having sex and it turned out some of my friends were having the same problems in the sex department too. One night we were talking over a few glasses of wine and one of my good friends let slip that she had joined up to British slags and encouraged me to do the same too now with a few glasses of wine in me I leapt at the chance and soon had my profile and a very naughty photo online within a day or so I was having requests of younger men who were interested in becoming my toy boy fuck toys I was so happy and felt so sexy knowing younger men were lusting after my naked exposed photo and wanted to meet me for sex. Ever since my first encounter with a younger man I’ve been hooked and I’m back for more! You can meet me and be my toy boy fuck toy if you want just look me up as Jackie48 on British slags and if you like what you see then come and meet me.

I know quite a few mature women from this site who have become dear friends of mine and I would also love to set them up on a date or maybe if you and a few of your younger male friends are game for it we could meet for a gangbang? I know a few places where we could meet so don’t worry about that! Its good being an older woman’s toy boy fuck toy we can share our experiences with you and of course learn you a few things or two between the sheets. Once you’ve been in the company of a fine mature lady like myself you wont be looking at women you age the same way again. Now how about it? Why not meet myself or one of my friends for a night of naughty fun? You wont be disappointed.

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